Powerful and Secure IT Operations & Workflow Automation

Harness the power of Uptic's automation services to enhance productivity, accelerate service delivery, increase deployment predictability and security, and reduce costs.

Endless Opportunities for IT Operations Automation.

Automation is the ultimate IT Operations game-changer, revolutionizing and modernizing processes at lightning speed. By automating IT Operations tasks, organizations unlock a wealth of benefits for IT and business operations, including a substantial boost in productivity and cost savings by eliminating manual, time-consuming, and error-prone tasks. With automation, expect consistent, reliable results every time, enhancing security and compliance measures while empowering IT teams to focus on strategic initiatives and swiftly respond to incidents, service requests, and user needs.

Service Deployment

Consistent and reliable deployments are provided through secure and optimized blueprints, ensuring compliance every time. Automate deployments from simple virtual machines, a complete application stack, or a landing zone.

Cloud Operations

Automate the provisioning of cloud services and resources to enhance security, streamline costs, maintain compliance with corporate guidelines, and efficiently scale to meet growing demands.


Enable developers to easily access and provision environments using approved templates that include software and tools, ensuring adherence to corporate compliance, security protocols, and cost management.

Network State

Automatic backup of network device configurations, complete with alerts for unauthorized modifications, the option to revert changes, and seamless integration with your ITSM platform.

Users & Devices

Streamlining the setup and management of users and devices, starting from the initial hardware and software configuration to resource access resources via software catalogs empowering users with self-service capabilities.

Incident Resolution

Rapidly detect and address IT incidents with automated run book remedies triggered by incidents and alerts that prompt predefined actions. In the case of complex issues, we offer ticket enrichment to expedite resolution.

Routine Tasks & Checks

Simplify and automate everyday tasks such as database upkeep, system monitoring, software updates, service reboots, diagnostic assessments, and bulk data processing through automation.

Endless Opportunities for Business Process Automation.

Uptic's automation prowess extends well beyond just IT operations. By leveraging our automation expertise in everyday business processes, we automate end-to-end workflows that traverse distributed systems, departmental silos, team responsibilities, and data repositories, resulting in robust workflows with significant impact and exceptional ROI.

User Management

Move beyond disparate solutions and embrace a seamless approach to streamline user onboarding, management, and offboarding processes. By integrating IT, HR, Finance and other systems, you can efficiently implement Joiners / Movers / Leavers (JML) automation using your existing ITSM and HR tools.

Our Services

At Uptic, we excel in providing automation services that go above and beyond your expectations. From the initial consultation to the seamless transition of automation processes and continuous management and support, our service offerings are tailored to help you reach your objectives and optimize ROI.

Rapid Application Quickstart

Uptic provides a concise Rapid Application QuickStart for clients needing direction. This process delves into current and desired states, project details, scope, budget, and timelines to assess feasibility and maximize value and ROI.

  • Review of current activities.
  • Identify high-value automation candidates.
  • Assess technical and commercial feasibility.
  • Investment profile to achieve desired outcomes.
  • ROI & impact analysis to ensure goals are attained.

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